Security Technology Systems

Chokus Vision is a Division of Chokus Security Pvt. Ltd. that specially provides electronic security solutions & consultancy required to meet today’s need of modern society.

Chokus Vision offers the latest in I.P. & conventional security systems from stand-alone to remote controlling & monitoring of multiple locations on a single platform with A.I. Analytics. Our offerings in terms of stand-alone security solutions are Access Control System, Video Surveillance System, Parking Management Solution, Intruder Alarm, Panic Alarm, Fire Alarm, Public Addressing System, Evacuation System, Building Automation, Industrial Automation Systems, and Advance Surveillance Gadgets.

Central Monitoring Service CMS

We provide an integrated monitoring and response services through our latest CMS station in Faridabad under a SaaS model to safeguard client’s premises 24/7 by our professional monitoring staff and highly trained Quick Response Team.

Building Management Service

BMS (Building Management System) or BAS (Building Automation System) is a computerized control system placed in buildings to monitor and control the building’s electrical and mechanical appliances, such as lighting, ventilation, and power-fire and security systems. BMS implementation is generally done in large projects with extensive electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing systems.

  • Fire Alarm System

    Fire Alarm System apparatuses utilize audible, textual visible, or olfactory stimuli to signal the occupants
    if the need to evacuate occurs or take action in the event of a fire or another emergency. Evacuation signals may
    Consist of simple appliances that transmit un-coded
    Information and or devices that transmit audibly
    And noticeable textual data such as live or pre- Recorded instructions & illuminated information display.

Gas Suppression System

Fire Suppression Systems are commonly used for heavy power equipment. A combination of dry chemicals and wet agents are used in a suppression system to suppress equipment fires. Suppression systems are indeed a necessity to several industries as they help control damage and losses to equipment. Typical means of detection are smoke sensors, heat sensors, wiring, or manual detection(depending on system selection).

  • Access Control System

    The access Control system uses a computer to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys. A wide array of credentials can be utilized to replace mechanical keys. The computerized access control system grants entry based on the certificate presented.
    We administer a broad range of Access control systems to our customer’s requirements.

  • Video Surveillance System

    Surveillance is the active monitoring of people’s activities, behavior, or other changing information, usually for managing, directing, influencing, or protecting them. Surveillance cameras are used to observe a specific area. They are often attached to a recording device or I.P. network.

  • Public Addressable System

    Public Addressable Systems have speakers covering an entire college campus or an industrial site, or a whole outdoor complex.

    An extensive Public Addressable System may also be used as an alert system to notify the public during an emergency.

    A public address system (P.A. System) is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, speakers & amplifiers.

Advance Surveillance Gadgets

We also offer:

  1. Design and installation
  2. Audit of existing security systems
  3. Both on site and remote, real time surveillance (along with specialist operators)
  4. Service and Maintenance of installed equipment
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