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As a leading security solutions provider since 1999, Chokus Security (P) Ltd has a team of ex-service officials, highly qualified and seasoned specialists to protect your assets, businesses, and representatives. Whether the task is over-viewing daily operations or managing high-risk situations, we’re always there.

  • We provide Security Services to our clients as per the guidelines under the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005 (PSARA).
  • We provide a trained, efficient, and smartly dressed security force. We believe in training, as no task is simple as it looks, and the security personnel needs to be trained before being committed to any mission.

Security personnel will be employed only after training in Chokus Security Training Institute or trained by any other institute approved under PSARA.

Chokus Security (P) Ltd provides both armed and unarmed security services customized to our client’s specific needs.

  • Our Officers are always present 24/7 to rendering aid as necessary
  • We work with our clients to conclude the suitable security level, understanding that each client’s needs are unique and apt to change
  • Our security officers are recruited with a background examination and tests that conclude their competence, including criminal, credit, drug screening checks
  • Our experienced officers also take a firearms re-qualification program annually
  • They are also required to demonstrate knowledge of their legal authority and the limitations of being armed

Security patrolling is an effective concept in the prevailing safety scenario, primarily for industries,educational institutions, commercial complexes, resident welfare associations, shops, banks, ATMs, and other commercial establishments. It involves:

  • Patrolling from 22:00 hrs. to 06:00 hrs
  • A thorough check of premises during the shift
  • Checks on the client’s security personnel (current) if stationed.
  • Security Patrol officers are equipped with Chokus IOTS Mobile App to ensure that premises checks done as per customer’s assignment
  • Ensure that no untoward activity is taking place
  • Quick Response to an incident
  • 24×7 reports to Control Centre

The Investigations Department of Chokus handles an extensive range of assignments. This department consists of experienced and high-caliber professionals who bring a wealth of expertise to the positions, with a record of having served in various designated positions in the Indian Forces. Our department is closely knitted and liaison with various government agencies.

The undertaken investigation assignments of our department consist of:

  • Background investigations for corporate houses
  • Establishing internal security cells for corporate houses/ industries
  • Anonymous/threat calls tracking and protection
  • Matter relating to conspiracies, loss of company assets, illegal activists & frauds
  • Pre/post employment checks, gathering corporate information, performing general reconnaissance on targets of interest.
  • Mock Drill training to organization for vigilant in terms of theft, attacks, natural and manmade disaster.

Our Quick Emergency Response Service provides swift support to contain, control, and safely resolve the probable dangerous circumstances met by our clients onsite or offsite, and contributes towards adhering to the organization’s BCP (Business Continuity Plan) by narrowing the extent of injuries and property damage in alliance with civic services.

An emergency response team’s initial-goals are:

  • Maintaining a safe environment and restoration of day-to-day operations
  • Protecting assets using sharp Emergency Response Tactics

An organization is responsible for providing workplace safety and a secure environment to its employees.

Landlord/ Building Management Employer is responsible for the safety of tenants, fire systems, and operations. An employer should not singularly depend upon his facility manager and owner to provide a Work-safe Setting.

In Fire audits, Chokus will spotlight building fire deficiencies, which in turn can be conveyed to the owner/ building administration for rectification.

Professional suggestions made by fire specialists will be taken more sincerely and will result in faster rectification of defects, fire safety, and better compliance.

  • Identifying significant fire risks
  • Evaluation of fire control measures that already exist>
  • Installation of communication systems, and more importantly, fire suppression alarm
  • Ascertaining supplementary control measures if needed
  • Gauging of appropriate and additional exit areas
  • Emergency plans evaluation
  • Evaluation of proper fire detection, testing, and maintenance of fire fighting equipment
  • Training of the people occupying the premises in case of any fire
  • Risk Consultancy when the construction layout of the plant/ building is prepared
  • Provision of Trained Manpower for Fire & safety
  • Manning- up of Fire Stations Fire & Control Room

Chokus has an ultimate goal of providing our clients complete safety to conduct their business and live their lives in comfort while depreciating the risk and obstructing any threat.

  • Executive protection by highly trained and work-committed professionals.
  • We understand there is no standard, off-the-shelf solution for executive protection.
  • We specialize in balancing threat environments with defensive efforts and choicest practices.
  • This enables us to offer a truly personalized approach for an adequately resourced protection operation according to the client’s lifestyle choices, preferences, and familial predispositions
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