Security Audits Solutions

A Security Audit is a valuable tool for evaluating the safety standards of the company.

It aids clients in recognizing the areas that need improvement and develop an action plan accordingly.

Well-organized and decisive identification of security risks and reviewing existing active and passive security protection measures can mitigate the potential unfavorable contingencies.

Security consultancy and risk management

Chokus Security (P) Ltd offers Security Consultancy & Risk Management services to present their clients a safe and protected setting for their people, profits, and property.

We provide an integrated security solution by using modern security management procedures with cost-effective benefits.

Our experts have ample expertise in designing a total integrated security solution to meet all requirements or address every aspect and nitty-gritty of the assignment. The services offered are:

  • Interpretation of existing and future threats to assets and review mitigate measures to protect them.
  • Assisting in developing a plan from the initial stage with CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) as a motive.
  • Take key projects, evaluate, design, secure, deploy and run the security systems and organization as per written procedures and best practices.
  • Devising safety, security, and loss prevention procedures
  • Carrying out Quantified Security Audits
  • Support management in formulating/upgrading:
    • Crisis Management Procedures
    • Emergency Response Procedures & mechanisms
    • Disaster Management
    • Security, Safety, Health and Environment (SSHE) Manuals
    • Electronic Security Measures
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